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“RISK” is what defines the growth of your company. The more prospects of growth, the more are the quantum of risks involved. Ergo, its right to say that risk as an asset, when rightly handled, can lead you as an organisation to heights more than you’ve embarked. Moreover, there are standards to be met by every organisation to convince external and internal factors that you are a GRC savvy Enterprise and that you are ready to withstand all those daunting forces that comes your way in being successful.

What is CURA?

CURA Software is the perfect GRC Software Solutions (Governance, Risk and Compliance) built for all intents and purposes that enables mitigating and monitoring of fast reliable facts, filling gaps of connectivity and communication between and among the hierarchy in any Business or Organisation. CURA roots its purposes on Certified Standards for Business Management like ISO, COSO, COBIT, HIPPA, SOX, KING III, and BASEL that makes it reliable and the most trusted Brand and has been in the industry from the past 16 years.

CURA Software Solution is:

  • Agile. Being agile is more than being fast – it is being nimble, flexible, and adaptable to a changing business environment. CURA enables agility by allowing organizations to monitor and manage risk in a continuously fluctuating environment. CURA is the most agile solutions available in the market to manage risk. It allows clients to be agile by delivering on time and on budget too.
  • Intuitive. Clients do not need to send staff through huge amounts of training and certification programs anymore. CURA delivers intuitive, engaging, and easy to use GRC at the business level as well as the back office of risk management and other areas of GRC. CURA achieves high value and results at the earliest time where organizations spend lots of time to get things working. Organizations can now focus on process, reporting, and improving – and not trying to make things work around a tool that is difficult to use and adapt.
  • Value. CURA delivers results. The value of CURA can be measured around efficiency, effectiveness, and agility. We make organization more efficient in GRC through human and financial capital efficiency, in mitigating risk and meeting objectives. Organizations become more agile in keeping current with changing risks, opportunities, business, and regulatory environments as well as more responsive in discovering and resolving exposures to risk before they become big issues.
  • Depth. CURA has a competitive and feature rich solution. It has been built out carefully, instead of haphazardly put together to meet promises made in an RFP that did not really exist.

CURA being the Pioneer of its kind, was established in 2001 and has been successful in providing solutions to Clients from all over the World till date. Over 250 Clients depend on CURA for their GRC Solutions that include iconic brands like Anglo American plc, Westfield, Allianz, V/Line, De Beers, Glaxo SmithKline, Standard Bank, Virgin Blue, Vodafone, Alexander Forbes, Kellogg’s to name few and Governments & Consulting Firms worldwide.