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Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies today face an ever increasing burden of managing risks and complying with myriad regulations. Specific business challenges include:

  • Managing multiple supply chain members and increased competition
  • Pricing challenges from competition, reimbursements and government policies
  • Environmental, health & safety (EH&S) risks
  • Managing reputation risk
  • Challenges and costs of skilled resources recruitment and retention
  • High cost in research and development and achieving return on investment

It is in this environment, that Chief Risk Officers and Chief Compliance Officers need to operate effectively and efficiently. Specifically, the risk and compliance functions require solutions that:

  • Provide a complete and accurate enterprise view into risk
  • Ensure compliance with myriad regulations across multiple geographies within cost and time constraints
  • Contain internal fraud
  • Link risks to root causes, events, hazards and other elements of governance, risk and compliance
  • Manage project risk and govern investments
  • Create a single, integrated view of risk and compliance across the organization
  • Manage information duplication and redundancy

Cura Software’s suite of Governance, Risk and Compliance Management solutions was developed to help Biotech and Pharmaceutical organizations make their risk and compliance initiatives more effective and efficient. With a host of satisfied customers including GlaxoSmithKline and Health Services Australia Cura Software is the undisputed leader in risk and compliance for the biotech and pharmaceuticals industries.

Specifically, Cura Software enables biotech and pharmaceutical companies to:

  • Implement Enterprise Risk Management best practices through a flexible, easy-to-use information system that allows organizations to identify, analyze, evaluate and treat both risks and opportunities in order to protect the corporate brand, create value for shareholders, owners, employees, customers and regulators. Learn More…
  • Create a single, integrated system of record for all risk and compliance related information. Learn More…
  • Provide real-time visibility into the state of risk and compliance management to all levels of the organization with interactive dashboards and reports Learn More…
  • Comply with Health, Safety and Environment regulations with capabilities to capture, record, investigate and audit HS&E issues.
  • Audit Management allows efficient consolidation of disparate audit requirements and results. Learn More…

To learn more about Cura Software and our GRC solutions for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, visit the links below or click here to schedule a live Cura Software demonstration.

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