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While many processes and procedures among Governance, Risk and Compliance initiatives are very similar, the complexity and maturity of a given organization’s GRC initiatives can vary immensely. To support GRC requirements for organizations of all sizes, complexity, location and industries, Cura developed its GRC platform with powerful capabilities for configuration.

Cura solutions do not require custom software coding in order to be set up and deployed for customers. Instead, a simple interface can be used to make system changes, from adding a field to a form, to adding a new selection to a list of choices, to re-routing the path for a specific email notification.

The ability to configure its solution provides Cura customers with a number of significant benefits, including:

  • Customers can adapt Cura’s software to perfectly match how they manage their GRC programs (as opposed to having to change existing business processes in order to conform to the software).
  • Configuration requires no coding, therefore customer business processes can be set up in Cura applications quickly, greatly speeding time to deployment.
  • Cura’s easy-to-use configuration tools enable non-technical business users to make system adjustments, eliminating the need for long-term service engagements.
  • As business processes adjust, regulations change or GRC practices mature, customers can adapt their existing implementation accordingly, providing additional return on their initial Cura investment.
  • Configuration makes is easy to apply system updates, patches and upgrades that would otherwise be more difficult for installations with custom code.

For more information on how configuration is a significant benefit to an organization’s GRC practice, click here to schedule a live demonstration.

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