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One of the primary advantages of employing a purpose-built Governance, Risk and Compliance solution over paper-based or home-grown application is the ability to provide real-time executive decision support in the form of interactive dashboards and reports. Cura’s GRC Platform features powerful dashboard and reporting capabilities that streamline the information-sharing process by removing the time-intensive and error-prone process of manually creating reports.

Dashboard with Heat maps & Risk drill down:

Dashboard with Heatmaps & Risk drill down

Each Cura GRC solution allows users to launch a rich set of reports and executive dashboards directly from their Cura home page within their web browser. Reports range from simple list/table reports to sophisticated interactive dashboards that update live as users change parameters using simple controls. Drill-down functionality enables users to click on problem areas to be automatically redirected to the specific data/issue in question.

Cura provides both out-of-the-box reports and dashboards, and provides the capability to create custom reports as needed. All Cura reports can be exported to multiple formats (including PDF, Rich Text, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel) so information can be shared with individuals that do not have access to the system.

CURA Incident management dashboard (sample):

CURA Incident Management Dashboard

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