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1. Is CURA Configurable?

A: Yes, Custom built methodologies are built according to the Clients Risk Framework. These contain the values, calculations, descriptions and options.

2. Can you upload documents to CURA?

A: Yes a consultant can make the field available in you methodology in order to be able to upload word, pdf or excel documents.

3. Is CURA only a Risk management system or can it cater for other modules?

A: CURA is extensively used for SHEQ incident management as well as auditing. Other modules such as whistle-blowing, business continuity and loss events are also used quite widely.

4. How many users can use the system at the same time?

A: The total number of users is dependant on the licences that are bought. CURA can handle large volumes of users dependent on the network and server capacity of the organisations.

5. Can CURA send notifications?

A: Email notifications can be set up by an administrator to inform the user that he or she has been added to risk, control, task. Further standard notifications can be set up for task reminders and task overdue escalations.

6. How is an upgrade done?

CURA continuously strives to improve functionality so there are new version releases on a regular basis. When an upgrade is done a back up is made of the database with all the information in, then the old version is uninstalled and the new version installed on the server. All rich client instillations will also need to uninstalled and the new version installed. CURA’s support team in conjunction with the Clients IT department will perform this function.

7. Can you upload from excel?

A: Only in versions 3.9.2 and above which have a feature called methodology mapping where the fields in the methodology are mapped to the columns in an excel spreadsheet in order to upload the information.

8. Can you copy and paste?

A: Yes but only to free input fields such as name fields and memo boxes.

9. Does CURA have mobile applications?

A: Yes, CURA Forms used mainly for incident management has a mobile application where attachments such a pictures can be uploaded. Compliance questionnaires from CURA Surveys also has a mobile application as well as Dashboards.

10. How do Reports appear in CURA?

A: CURA has a set of standard reports such as the top 10 risk dashboard and the detailed activities action report. These are run on the selected area or assessment to pull that information.

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