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Cura’s Incident Management software solution enables organizations to capture, classify and manage reportable events in order to protect the company brand, safeguard intellectual property, create a safer workplace and better manage business risks. With Cura, Incident Management becomes a valuable learning asset that helps reduce potentially harmful future incidents and safeguards an organizations reputation.

Leading organizations worldwide rely on Cura Software to implement a closed-loop process for managing a variety of incidents including:

  • Workplace hazards / accidents
  • Employee injuries
  • Legal incidents
  • Environmental incidents
  • Reputational issues
  • Financial loss issues
  • Regulatory compliance issues
  • Client service interruptions
  • Near misses

CURA Incident management dashboard (sample):

CURA Incident Management Dashboard

CURA Incident Management Dashboard

Cura combines powerful incident management capabilities into a flexible solution that streamlines processes and reduces errors versus manual methods. Specific features and benefits include:

  • Interactive dashboards and reports provide real-time visibility into incident management activities. Learn More…
  • Unparalleled flexibility enables business users to configure the system to perfectly match an organizations existing incident management processes and best practices. Learn More…
  • Tasks, notifications and escalations alert users and managers when tasks need to be performed or when incidents occur. Learn More…
  • Roles-based security and audit trails ensures the integrity of incident management information and tracks all changes to records in the system.
  • Flexible deployment options allow organizations to host compliance information on-premise or deploy in the cloud as a hosted solution. Learn More…

Cura’s Incident Management solution is available as standalone application or as an add-on module to a more comprehensive implementation based on the Cura Enterprise GRC Platform, a common infrastructure for organizations to manage Governance, Risk and Compliance information on an enterprise-wide basis. With integrated reporting/dashboards, full audit support, and more, the Cura Enterprise GRC Platform is the complete solution for Governance, Risk and Compliance requirements.

Organizations using CURA Incident Management Solutions:








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