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Cura Internal Audit Solution sophisticated yet simple to use risk based auditing solution that allows organisations to standardize work papers, audit planning, execution and other audit processes in a productive and efficient manner. Cura Internal Audit Software integrates seamlessly with Cura’s GRC enterprise software platform.

Cura Internal audit module helps organisations to manage a wide range of audit related activities, data and processes.

It provides the flexibility to support end to end functionality for managing the complete audit life cycle including:

  • Development of standardized audits and checklists
  • Audit planning and schedulingdownload-cura-brochure
  • Audit reporting and recommendations
  • Field data collection
  • Review of audit recommendations

In any audit department, significant time is lost to documentation and review of audits and work papers. Productivity and sound audit planning can increase audit department efficiency, provided it can document, assess, test and review once. This is a key Cura Audit strength, coupled with the ability to conduct risk based audits to deliver a flexible yet highly productive solution to auditors.

  • Cura Audit provides assurance to management, regulators and other stakeholders that risk and control related processes are in place.
  • Cura Audit allows auditors to validate that key risks are managed within the risk appetite and that controls are adequate and operating effectively. To the extent that there are any non-conformances, these can then be remediated effectively.
  • Cura Audit is flexible enough to allow the use of many risk and control frameworks such as COSO and ISO 31000 as well as other frameworks covering Environment, Health, Safety and Forensics.
  • Cura Audit is a standalone product, however, it also provides seamless integration with the Cura Enterprise GRC platform and other business risk systems utilized by the organization.

Simplifying Audit Functions:

A key differentiator of Cura Audit is its ability to document once, assess once, test once, review once and action once.

Cura Audit Planning:

  • Allows creation of well defined objectives and scope tied to quality, compliance, risk management and other business processes.
  • Auditors can organize and audit in a logical structure and hierarchy.
  • Evaluation and tasks that need to be performed for executing the audit can be defined.
  • Audits can be scheduled periodically or triggered on an ad-hoc basis for specific business processes.

Cura Audit Execution:

  • Enables auditors to record qualitative and quantitative findings along with detailed observations and recommendations, in predefined formats.
  • Offline capability allows auditors to conduct audits remotely and synchronize the data at any time.
  • Audit managers can track the status of the audit and measure progress against milestones to ensure timely execution.

Cura Audit Review:

  • Covers audit findings, observation reports and auditor recommendations for review and subsequent actions.
  • Provides responses review capabilities with the option to re test for undesirable variations.
  • Comprehensive capabilities for compiling audit reports.
  • Complete visibility into the audit process with easy status tracking.

Benefits of Cura Audit: 

  • Structured work papers and greater productivity both for auditing and operational teams.
  • Streamlined audit project scheduling and management.
  • Simplified input of auditing tasks (audit sheets, recommendations and action plans).
  • Document management capabilities for business processes, policies and procedures, work papers, tests and other information.
  • Unified auditing methods and report generation
  • Support for multiple methodologies allowing various types of audits (forensic, internal, project, HSEC and more) to be configured.
  • Expense sheets and budgets information.
  • Platform to assist with corporate governance, strategic objectives and policy and procedure management.

Deployment Options:

Cura will work with your IT/IS department to configure Cura Audit to meet your technology requirements. The result is a system that scales as your organization grows. Cura can be deployed in a variety of options including:

  • Installed on site
  • ASP/Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Industry and sector wide initiatives
  • As a managed service through consulting firms and Cura

An investment made in Cura Audit today will serve your organization well into the future as you will be able to leverage Cura’s modules across Enterprise Risk Management, Compliance, IT/Audit Security, COBIT, SOX, PCI and other uses.

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