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Cura’s training programs are delivered by professionals who are certified by Cura to educate users in all aspects of Cura products and solutions. All Cura trainers are certified with a Certified Cura Trainer (CCT) rating. Cura training is delivered worldwide through Authorized Cura Training Centers (ACTC) or live at a client’s site.

The Cura curriculum consists of more then ten courses, ranging from entry-level introduction, to report writing, administration, advanced techniques and train-the-trainer.

Training can be delivered:

  • At a customer’s site
  • At Cura offices in Boston, London, Sydney, Melbourne and Johannesburg
  • At Cura distributor offices in Chile, Brazil, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries or at 3rd party locations
  • Online using internet conferencing
  • Offline content based training (manuals, presentations, etc.)

Training content can be customized to match a customer’s specific solution and training requirements.

All CCT’s and ACTC’s are evaluated at least once a year by Cura and client feedback is regularly analyzed in all evaluations. Cura maintains a strict quality assurance program relating to all training materials and processes to ensure that a quality solution is delivered to our clients no matter which continent they are on.

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